Selected Publications

2023 Basins of Attraction, Exhibition Booklet, essay by Rose Salane.

2022 The Feedback Loop of Belongings, Pompeii Commitment, Digital Fellowship, essay by Rose Salane.

2022 Slugs, American Art Catalogues, with texts by Rose Salane, 654 pages.  

2022 Whitney Biennial 2022, Whitney Museum of American Art, with texts by David Breslin and Adrienne Edwards, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, pp. 104, 218-219.

2021 Soft Water Hard Stone: 2021 New Museum Triennial, with texts by Margot Norton and Jamillah James, Phaidon, New York, pp. 192-195, Dora Budor and Rose Salane in conversation, pp. 327-330.

2021 Public Culture, Volume 33, Number 1, edited by Arjun Appadurai, Erica Robles-Anderson, Keller Easterling and Vyjanthai Rao, p. 63.

2019 94 Rings: Lot #17-525AE, Artist Booklet, Art Basel Statements.

2019 Rose Salane: List Projects, Exhibition Brochure, with texts by Josephine Livingstone, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA.